Monday, February 8, 2010

Early Monday Night and My Laundry is Complete!

I didn't just do laundry. I did a few other domestic things as well.
My dinner for example:

I believe it's called tortellini.

And I washed it down with this:

I also purchased a few home things I needed.
A dish rack dry thing:

A very valuable coffee maker:

Valuable because the rest of the world will live longer if I have my caffeine.

And sort of needed jeans:

During my move, I discovered I had only one pair. This is surprising as I used to live in them when I was a bit younger.

And so I'm not headless:

I also completed my Ribbon Lace Scarf:

Which is great considering I also broke into my home warming present:

Now Napoleon and I are going to settle in and watch some quality television.

I'm not sure where Rebel is. I suspect he is monitoring our new neighbours. Have a good night everyone. See you later.

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