Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not Bills :)

When I arrived home after a particularly long day, I found this is my mail slot:

I love when something other than bills greets me!

I ordered these online not too long ago from a site called Punk Knits. I am actually very surprised that they came so quickly. I was expecting them to take another few weeks. Mostly everything else I have ordered has been within the four to six week window. Not that I actually order very much. I have to be super careful. I can wrack up the charges before you can say visa.

I think I might actually build up some upper arm strength if I use them often. They are heavy suckers.

I'm working on another top. I was trying to take a picture of my progress over my lunch hour and this little fellow came into focus:

I'm not sure what he/she is, I should respect its privacy, but it stayed during my entire lunch break.

I hope you all have been surviving the week. The week end is in sight now. Have a good night.

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