Thursday, May 28, 2009

That There is a Big Ball of Fun!

There has not really been anything terribly exciting going on. The rain has kept most of our activities confined to the indoors. I am very OK with that by the way. It leaves me more time for different kind of fun. For instance, I have a big ball of yarn and I think I know what to do with it:

This is a skein of Fleece Artist's Hand Dyed Donegal. At least that is what is says on the label.

It is a bit scratchy at the moment. I have worked this before and know that the scratchiness will wear away. As you are working with it, a fine oily layer seems to coat your fingers. I'm not sure if that is just a quirk with this particular yarn or it is something that belongs to this brand. I am enjoying the process all the same. I am really liking how it is knitting up. I trust my little project to look pretty cool by the end.

I have also found a lost project among the little baggies while I was tidying up this past week end. My Olympic socks from last session's Pentathlon on Ravelry.

Rebel seems to like the process

Which leads to my next question. I wonder if I missed out on an information file for the current session of the Sock Knitter's Pentathlon? I keep checking, but see nothing new happening. I guess I will just enjoy my drink and not worry about it. Eventually I will learn new information.

This is what I am enjoying at the moment:

I am actually a bit sleepy at the moment which is my cue to head to bed. Good night everyone. I hope your Fridays go well for you. :)

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