Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just Another Evening at Home

Here is a little update on my wheels. It is still sick :(. Apparently, the little heat I had felt coming through the vents earlier in the week was actually a minor event of flamage. Who knew? So, my truck is still under the watchful care of the mechanics.
We enjoyed a great supper. It wasn't anything spectacular. We just had a craving for Chinese food. What better to wash it down than with a nice bottle of sparkling wine:

It was also a wonderful aid to help clear off a few little projects and start a few more.

I completed the back portion of the little sweater for a special little person I have yet to meet.

I made a huge dent in my curtains for the living room. There are four panels that resemble this one.

I completed my section for the Traveling Scarf group:

I knit up a scarf just for me.

I need to feel a bit of extra warmth since we have been hoofin' it for most of the week end.

Rebel was a great supervisor:

He is careful to inspect every stitch.

And on another off topic thread from my mind, I have yet to take down my Hallowe'en decorations.

I just wish we could celebrate for longer than a night. Perhaps a week long event?

I hope all your weekends was just as much fun, or more so. Enjoy the start to another possible good week!

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