Sunday, October 26, 2008


Perhaps I won't be posting my finished socks seconds before the deadline. Once I managed to iron out the few troublesome details, I'm finding these troublesome Ziggy's to be moving right along!

Gosh that foot looks rather large. Well then, let's keep going and see what happens.

Napoleon is busy being guardian of the sock until it has a mate.

We had a great time at Octoberfist. It was held at the Elements club in Kitchener.

Aside from the fact that is was standing only, (I will wear more suitable footwear next time) it was awesome.

Nothing else to report for the moment I guess. I'm a bit anxious about going in to work tomorrow morning. I have no idea what my desk will look like, nor do I know what work has be set aside for me to finish. I would like to think that when I last seen my desk, it was clear and all files were taken care of. I doubt that is what I am returning to.

5 More Days Until Hallowe'en!!!

Sleep well everyone.

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