Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's Two AM.......

.....and I cannot sleep. I have all these thoughts circling inside my crowded mind. I am due to go back to work on Tuesday and I am mentally forming a list of all things I want to finish before I return.
*I want to finish my curtains. I am tired of looking at the tattered ones that functional, but ugly.
*I want to complete the socks for all the groups I am participating in.
I have two pairs from my Cat Bordhi tour and a pair from the Ravelry Pentathlon group.
I have one Philosopher House sock almost complete, and I am turning the heel for Rattlesnake Creek Socks. Very exciting progress.
*I need to complete my resume for my entrance into a management course before I return to work. (Can you tell which is my number one project due for completion?)
*I want to clean out my closets. It is time to go through my wardrobe and be rid of the things that have outlived their usefulness.
*I want to complete a draft of my comic book which I have not told anyone about. (oops, secret is out on that one eh?)
There is so much more I want to complete. I need longer working days. Obviously, my body runs on a longer clock system. It is like I operate on a 36 hour cycle. I wonder how many others are like this?
Yesterday, (No. Wait. Today is Sunday.), Friday, I went touring a bit of Ontario with a friend. We had an awesome time. I came home with a lot of super cool yarn. Are you ready for the onslaught of yarn photos? Some I have already designated for projects.
This group is on hold for the creation of a baby sweater to welcome the little darling into our family:

This group will be for Smelly Socks,

as seen in books:

The remaining are for me:

Those were all found at Len's Mill Store in Guelph. It was very overwhelming, but I soon found my bearings as perused the many aisles of yarn.

This skein, along with the ones scheduled to be used for the baby sweater, were purchased at the Shall We Knit? store in New Hamburg:

What a neat town. It is very picturesque. Every time I turned around, I found something that I would love to paint or photograph. I will visit this again as soon as I can. The lady from the store was so helpful. As soon as you walk in, she is there to make you feel comfortable and offer information on the nice places to see and stores to visit while you are there. It was a very cool experience.
We also toured St. Jacob's. The market, unfortunately, was not open. This just gives me another opportunity to see this town again. I did take some nice pictures:

Today, we attended a 50th wedding anniversary. It was wonderful to see the happy couple surrounded by all their friends and family. This was the center piece:

Here is Hubby and I all dressed up:

These were the shoes I wore!:

Yes. I can walk well in these shoes. No training wheels were required.

These are just some photos I snapped of our little town en route to the party. It is yet another rainy day here in paradise:

I can hear Hubby breathing soundly in the next room and I think I am finally beginning to get sleepy. I"m off to bed. I hope you are all well. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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