Friday, July 4, 2008

Voodoo Chile

I have been scheming. Revenge if you will. Actually, it is more like just trying to take all this frustration I've been experiencing and channel it into something not so destructive. My version of a voodoo doll,
Voodoo Army Dude:

He almost did not make it to his destination. Rebel took a strange interest in him.

I am giving it as a joke gift to someone who I have deal with at work. He has to constantly change his plans because someone else is re-arranging theirs, which makes me have to create alternate plans. It is a vicious cycle.

Here he is supervising the work environment:

Bon voyage Army Dude. Enjoy your new surroundings:

On a side note, I have been working on my Dad's vest:

It is a very slow work in progress. I plan on making some serious headway this week end. It is supposed to beautifully sunny and warm. Perfect for balcony use.
Have a good night.


Ada said...

Oh Jocelynn! I love that little doll. I want one. Honestly!

Jocelynn said...

You got it!! :)

Jocelynn said...
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