Thursday, December 6, 2007


I still feel very icky. I strongly distaste being sick. It gets in the way of stuff. At the moment I have an even shorter attention span. I know! Who would have thought that was possible. I made it into work today. It was very tricky. These silly cough attacks make for a horrible obstacle.
I was reminded that our secret Santa at work is just around the corner. I have no idea whatsoever to get my secret bud. I need help.....please. It is a guy. A very simple guy. He does not like flashy or trendy or, well suffice it to say, he likes things the opposite to me. I truly want to find a neato gift. If anyone has any suggestions, I will gladly accept them.
I'm off to watch tele and try to finish a pair of mittens. Have a great night everyone.

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